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a long poem that a tried to turn in to a narrative as well as proposal through poem.

Poetic proposal:

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 10 Jul 2013

Believe me its me in your world all types of thrill's B4 our two little girl You make our kids life Brill for you Am still kill creatively writing at will what a chill what a pill,

High-rise house parties the DJ hitting the decks
we fucked hard the next door neighbours thought they were having sex

your eyes never lie with tidy smell from day one trapped under your spell cant you tell love so much it hurts
emotions that can cut...

you were always ready for whats next, never knew what to expect from one crime to the next, Fine after fine A crazy time just in time 4Thug sex what da Fuck did cunts expect.

The rose from the concrete my lady in the street but a freak Between the sheet we don't' need no XTC,
to no how much you mean me, My first love got me2 question my morals be testing under arresting
held for vy biggest question exercising my orals no such thing as a safe bet just ask Coral

while caught in-between serving a Fiend for the first time you made me examine this scene from the skanks to banks and everybody else in between

You Crazy little Nymph remember half the stuff we did
fuck showbiz at least when the questions come from our kids we can explain the shit mummy & daddy did,

we will keep some shit between us just so we can reminisce of the buzz but remember that time on the bus kissing
as soon as wee seen each other both hearts skipping
on jail visits the same heart wi the missing a beat god as our wittiness an confused like what the fuck is this,

from the inside looking out know what am talking about my heart on the flout now am fevered for the day a get out,

A can hear the screws steps at night me trapped alone no one understands this prisoners plight his hearts been set alight ma 1st born is waiting in the womb for his dad to get out his inner doom not to be consumed to my fathers doom.

I've got my boy due hey set up by the boys in blue and a case hanging over me what am a supposed to do but somehow this new bird has come true this new bird is wife material looks like she's going to see me through.

those who know our pain

"never write your name cause one day you will come back and read it again"

thats called hall fame for the first time this life has changed now only myself 2blame or the shit a claim,

Like a dyslexic reading brail we are born in system set up for scheme kids to fail.

In my heart am praying one day society will listen to what am saying Muslims & Christians would stop slaying. Black & white kids sit Down & play multi cultured coloured crayons

My lovers sweetness is my biggest weakness my secretes you let me keep this took my hand and guided me through life's mist on the real though peep this,

Do you get my gist she told me learn use my brain and not my fists, She told me Babe'z we can better than this
You & my sister fighting on visits when the screws twisted my wrist nobody could buy love & loyalty like this,

With a love that freed my heart while in a prison cell we were a million miles apart, but you stuck by me from the start of the start From my scheme to mad HMP dreams,

two peas from the same pod cut from the same cloth

when a look at some folk thats there jealous there optics have turned stale no got a choice now babes cant fail for you and the kids a never want 2go back to jail,

Looking back over the trouble & strife Angie Stewart your such a blessing in my life it was in my dark you were my light but by my skip through the full fight
right by my side you were the Bonnie to my clyde,

My soul mateA thought the night you keep ma head up when times are shite as a return I hold you so close through out the night and you hold me back and cuddle so tight,

You no me more than most If life is a party so your the host to a excellent mother we would toast the VIP at the family roast say i got the best bird & thats no even a boast,

A full year clean against the odds your still my lady so in other words a love you baby no more acting slim like shady "dads come back from Crazy"

unconditional love I don't' mean maybe my Oasis you arrived lately but you were u the one who saved me from big to small you are my wonderwall holding hands saying fuck them all you took another brick from my inner wall,

We cried together we sighed together a swear to god a hope we fucking die together our love live's forever your the glue that keeps us together our bird thats keeps the family nest feathered.

I might be the Film Director fitting for a master plan creatively to feed the supply & demand
proud as you stand behind your man,

Of course we have been through the blues of course we have good news a life indebted i am your muse never fuck me about or leave me confused, you made me realise a wasn't born to loose between films & life you never make me choose you are the earth that powers my fuse

So as a blast the herb get high your all i need to get by cause you stood by when others said Hi then Bye one day you'll worry for nothing and thats why you make me feel something like a can fly when a moan u just sigh

Like the beauty of Montrose if you were a flower it would be a rose even for stamina you're on the camera of life you strike the same pose

how you have put up with me only god nose, You even buy me new trainers and clothes you know exactly how a trial goes the difference between skanks & whoe's a rely on you keep me on my toes suss out my friends from foes,
your heart is so warm even when its 50 below,

A better mum a couldn't find as am writing my rhyme thats an insight to my mind which is one on of a kind as a dine
on cloud nine with my wee family of mine
you remind me gift is my curse worst you sound sublime
if love was against the law ad be committing crime ,

Proud to say in ma fucked up life of mine your that Co-piltot of this rhyme the coconut to the lime your that last special friend of mine but mum of mine LOOK at the LASTLINE

Harnessing inner-city rages with egotistical stages with personified united rages am breaking down cages turning statistical pages heres the question you've waited for ages,

If a was a singer a would sing you love song your the only person who knows my right from wrongs A write my wrongs with hope in my heart you give me some were to belong

Must this be with poetic justice

So let me cuss this trust poetically equivalent to when Sally mat harry But the question comes from the scheme poet AKA GARRY Angie Stewart in 2015 will you marry me?