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An example of some poetry soon to be featured in an E-book called scheme dreams,

Empty spaces

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 13 Oct 2013

In an empty space a take Chase no matter what the race consequences we all have to face still societies disgrace still the systems misplaced just incase you see a case the tears of a clown you can trace,

Facing awe ma fears as a watch some of ma pears doing 20 odd years seen so many crocodile tears put 2the test like smear off the gear,

Remember smoking soap bar with ma friends made sense now a see life through the lens friend or foe that depends how you earning them ends,

Some nothing to loose hit the booze argue wi screws jailbait cars cruse wi there crews taking chases from the boys in blue they been doing this for years its nothing new its time a blew time the knew

Young dumb full of come first rule taught "never run" if you get caught in another scheme run The History of violence just begun the sins of the father passed in to his son might be 2013 but still we have slums with grieving mums we all still classed as scum got awe sorts of family on the run comfortably numb wi a sharp tongue Aiming for number one.

Can nobody save me cause I've been going insane lately thinking my audience hates me & the film industry under rates me got so much money to earn for another baby this fucking life drives me crazy wideo pays me

caught in a storm some times a wish i was never born Like a life that scorns how long will they morn ye as the soul is torn one goes another one is born its the way our life's carry on but some are stuck getting killed wi the governments a methadone now am in the zone leave me the alone

The shit we done al take to the grave but when a see god the first thing al ask is why did you have to take ma mate dave a good heart and the cunt was brave 26 years old and god you put him in a grave you kill 4 the fun in the land of the home & brave didn't give a fuck about a back slave,

Are we stuck nine2fifing just surviving dying for life or living for dying logos consumers internet buying governments legal lying drug companies make the MP's fill the contacts demand & supplying class crime is thriving.