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Scheme dreamz

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 15 Oct 2013

Tell the world am so scheme so young team ken what da fuck a mean so supreme living ma dream while to the left a lean violence is in ma jeans
so it seems if am being honest fuck there queen

Am no your subject look at what we are subjected to tell them ye want your wages when there due a passion 4 dashing & saying fuk you like scooby do not got a clue still harassed by the boys in blue

Ma dicks all hard use are all bard use are all emotionally scared with the same brush we will not be tarred this shit drives me mad am a just gonni turn in to ma own dad or turn in to another one of the lads,

everyday on my estate a write & try and escape ma scheme fate 1/2 the cunts a speak to are fake the other half are 1/2 baked poverty is my mind state how much can some cunts take how much pressure till cunts break

sick of all the square you dont know how we live cause you dont get there were life is not fare were the world dont really care want some mare?

If some cunt comes for us down our bit you handle it yep like Giggs (Nathan Thompson) says its our life & we are used to it to use thats just some stupid shit as a out wit any cunt a fuck wit out here or in the nick

yep am off the smack fucking going back fuck putting my life on track exposing my venerability through ma Doc thats a fact am surrounded by me own peeps and thats a fact open ma hear a poetic Mozart.

look at ma scar as a think about the limited time behind HM bars now am writing through ma own bars why reach for the sky if am a shooting star you can tell through ma talent & enthusiasm wideo media is going far,