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On a daily basis

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 16 Jul 2013

Everyday a take a breath for my little girl
everyday a think fuck the world life's a thrill
Now a pay ma own bill forgot a liked that opiate pill,

Hell have no fury like a woman scorned but a feel like a new born from a situation so torn tell the piper blow his horn,

On a daily basis the media turn the ignorant's to racists
Broadcast sheets wi stats that are baseless,

Been plugged twice so its only myself al ask for advice
kill you wi ma smile just so nice that will suffice

In ma dreams a think about the suicidal screams the hopelessness of trapped young teams the hunger wi fiends,

Then a wake up still of the smack so how the fuck do i still feel tapped in ma council estate flat,

Ma nightmare happens when cunts are on the creep who's the driving the 4x4 jeep who's that on the sneak 5.0 on the peak,

its a nightmare which feels so real you all feel the piercing of sheffield steal getting in the last meal whats the deal,

So if a die before a wake a pray fucking god will judge ma soul the day the take and realise a scheme boy is everything but fake...