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Look at me drug free

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 18 Jul 2013

Look at me drug free being who am so supposed to be am taking shade under that money tree taking easy this game tease me,

Am trying to escape karma but the past comes back in harms ya
So am escape through social drama while being a charmer,

Am away from the boys in blue now am trying to learn shit thats new got a family no so fuck a crew keep that shit to you,

Like scheme alcoholics some always be up in scheme politics

its he says she says shit another bit added on bit by bit the truth soon becomes shit so we out wi any fuck wit we fuck with,

A still drink & smoke for ma people or peers dead or doing plenty of years some shed crocodile tears no money is our fear,

Am so scheme like a big whopper higher than a fucking helicopter always a phone call from the chopper a born show stopper stop her,

fucked like a clitoris just a straight lyricist so real at this just so bliss ma miss is ma next hit loaded with lip shoot fae the hip,