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Domestic violence

Dedicated to woman of domestic violence

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 29 Nov 2013

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Dedicated to woman of domestic violence.

lie after lie why is it always the good ones that have to die a hate saying goodbye so in my high-rise a sigh.

Why the media got 9 year old girls wearing mini skirts if they ain't built like a stick there emotions hurt she loves it when love hurts,

like they are usually suitable god dam girl your beautiful please don't fall in2 the trap of being useable like the usual getting fucked in the high school cubicle,

especially in the slums got mad respect for single mums who make sure there kid is number one,

So many girls a see on the scene suck a cock in the scheme they live in a nightmare no more a dream life is never what it seem,
you can hear the suicidal scream of another young teen,

the neighbours hear a cry through out the night another female stuck in a relationship through fright now a habit on the white this sort of shit just isn't right nobody can feel her struggle in the plight
does it take a man to hit his wife?

Police come to the door but he says everything is alright its just another domestic in the night, See the man comes home drunk and hits his wife Oh well a suppose its no our life,

see she is just a mum society looks at the scheme bird like scum when was the last time the scheme bird had sum real fun,

this is just another fable were the bird gets smashed even if the food is on the table when he is cain she will be able...