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After 2 men died this was my poetic reaction

Another statistic.

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 29 Nov 2013

Another man gone in a blink a take a look around
awe the local shops sell are blades & cheap drink
got me to think wi some ink
pride is a mans armour still its got a chink.

the chink in the Armour
is about as serious as a 12 year old self harmer
still stamina wi the camera talk ma self out everything charmer If life is a bitch am fucking Karma,

feel like am revolutionised like an Irish rebel song,
am a just ma families clone? can you feel it in your bone,
like leave us a lone am in that zone 99 like the cone,
A poet who can blow your trombone stoned engaged like your phone,

they slit there wrists when they get a wift of this scheme shit, were anybody can get lit doon ma bit were this happens kinda quick, Got to out wit any fuck wi you fuck wit,
They want there pound of flesh bit by bit
2much time tic toc tic,

looking at them blabbing then stabbing got me french kissing dragons don't ask the way cause shit happens
wrote ma life story turned out the end still trapped in
the capital city of sin was just the beginning
purgatory got me band from heaven so A Be hustling 24-7,

Barksdale like the wire soul searching inspire my desire,
lit the flame to the fire never ever will a tire security al never hire, penny for ma thoughts sold at auction to the highest buyer sigher hide behind the truth like a lier,

look at me up awe night but cant last if am smoking on that crack pipe, out of spite a just might quit this industry go back to white tie this poet up tight wi a blond dyke
Kanye said she will do anything when the times right
including stealing my lime light the struggle in the plight,

Shake there hand jump back in the van police radio signals and IED's like its Afghanistan Ignorant folk a just cant stand
were is the blue print for the master-plan
rewritten well thats just shan they wouldn't understand
in 2013 whats the real meaning of a man??

it's no longer an issue somebody pass the sympathy tissue
were theres one blue light that means here comes two,
met a few this hard life for us is nothing knew
pass the torch to me Nah keep it 4 you
so what we gonni do when 16 year olds are shooting .22