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An observation of jail & death

35 years,35 peers, 35 years 35tears.

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 29 Nov 2013

35 years wi 35 peers doing 35 years fam doing 35tears,

Nine adapted to crime sublime when dat flow combines write 35 rhyme 35 time happy wi a blunt & some tonic wine fucked oh sweet child oh mine,

A product of my environment who sold my environments product a wasnt born this way its the way we were brought up,

Ma dad used to be a pub fighter now his son is a born writer slick as a leather interior making a full industry feel inferior,

repentance's repentance's a put ma life in deez sentences haters we awe got plenty of these am fae muirhouse so never on ma knees knocked back at the bar "bitch please" by the end of the conquest bitch tease by 4am bitch on them knees screaming oh weeeez,

For some its just deal or die so fuck it we gonni survive,

Let me make some space put some bars to the scheme paper chase always look your punters in the face if it gets to hot get tae yer people take a chase the debts on you if the stash gets misplaced snitch's always a disgrace.,

its like cunts live for the day the question 2get you done "were the fuck you fae" "Were the fuck you stay"

back when i was young dumb & full of come learned never touch a gun unless yer shooting son.

thats a sweet 16 no incriminating but certain cunts know what a certainly mean now a feel like the prince oh the same scheme ex-feind living in his own dream"

the same year at 16 the job centre said a needed a job and silly cunt here believed them that weekend saw one of ma best friends Bleeding N pleading so start work on monday the full team is in thieving thats what life is like when you got fuck all to believe in.

Another weekend so tit for tat we broke even a knew back then its allegiance for a life of disobedience

Brave hearts turn brave welcome to Scotland the grave.