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Just another poem, about life

poverty is a mind-state

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 25 Jul 2013

See am start of so low like we are in slow-mo some like to heat theres up like co-co imagine like Yoko love ma boys but aint no homo a slave to them Boss Logo Now am a walking promo some shits just a No No.

A feel like the inspector with the clue to ma peeps a stay true if your not fucking wi them am no fucking wi you urban trenches this how we do
cant really speak to them boys in blue,

Fuck the drug game but cunt's still change. If they are shooting am close to the range A find making new friends strange,

In & out of so many house no bars but folk be in a trap like a mouse
No Knights but with they ride wi metal in a joust,

Everybody be growing green but not the corn on the cobs
whats cunts supposed to do if there ain't no jobs born benefit slobs,

As the world keeps turning my ambition keeps burning the government are so cunning thats why there cash they be funnelling only they know the channel they be tunnelling,

they system isn't shit there bribes ain't nothing either live for something
or die for nothing look at loyalist & republicans they are all bluffing,

Ma poems say shit straight like fuck wi your mind mate getting some shit off ma plate born in 78 a product of our state now look how much i've got a steak you would think my life would be great poverty is a mind-state,

You think poetry is not relevant but am way to intelligent to play on my intelligence this right here is benevolence,

A hate looking out my window in2 empty space a hate looking at the film industry like were's ma place a hate looking at my life like its a disgrace
Hope for the best expect the worse just incase the tracks of our tears u can trace our fears are the hardest things to face.

I heard a could be a one trick band but my council scheme raised a bigger man might be skint but am stepping in this industry wi a master plan a social enterprise fucking right am taking my fam,