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More like a short story that rhymes compared to a poem.

Realist I've ever Wrote

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 25 Jul 2013

Maybe this is the realist I've ever Wrote this blueberry is the best I've smoked Maybe a just miss ma own folk
maybe life is a big joke an addiction nightmare just woke,

Got peers with repentances a couple of cunts doing life sentences pride defend with ease bitch please word tease.

Ma baby mama got more drama we bring it like self harmer her innocence is our karma our meal ticket my urban drama
teach ma peeps how to use a camera our family will never run out of stamina

Watch how a kill them scheme poetics that read like a type of rhythm like a church hyme dripped in sin Oh fuck the alternative ego just stepped in start from the beginning then get 2 sinning,

Maybe am a ghost write out of spite A just might get a dyke pick up a Mic go back to selling white aye right can you feel our plight when we only come 2play at night,

A do pray but a know that crime does pay under peer pressure a look the other way.
stopped & searched nothing to say this scheme life everyday,

Everyday a try to escape the shit that happens on my estate,
A write like this in a perfect mind state facing ma fate, Jack about getting judged at the pearly gates fuck it al see ma best mate.

I've got that feeling if a believed in god i would kneel maybe if a had freedom a would heel end of the day am just an ex crook wi a deal If ma films don't sell we go back to rob and steal to pay for our families meal,

So fuck it a still stay away from a snitch the truest form of being born a bitch got an auld habit like this cause a wanni get rich, A silver spoon you were born in a golden ditch its very hard for us to relate to this ignorance can be bliss.