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"Poem for my unborn girl"

"Poem for my unborn girl"

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 25 Jul 2013

"Poem for my unborn girl"

every now and then like Eminem a vent ma frustration
A promise al make good the environment your raised in

Since a live in a world thats wild a write these words 4my unborn child for you a would walk a million miles,

Hopefully al play ma position be here for u no visits in prison

a got stabbed twice and am still breathing so daddy must be here for a reason its just right now it feels like open season always be weary for folk who breed treason daddy will hopefully be somebody you believe in,

Baby you got a big brother you have a loving mother you got a beautiful sister who will smother then the other Destiny who will always have you covered,

So hush little baby don't you cry daddy will be there every time you cry If ave got it so will you so you get by a promise daddy will try
Al show you my real side and the pain a hide,

When you see my work you know at time shit was shan but daddy got a master-plan get out clause if your in a jam always provide for you and your mam,

A know from the dark my heart seen the light and un froze but before you were born the wrong road daddy chose maybe a thought getting involved wi the game a could bye brand new clothes but till a die al sleep wi only one eye closed cause of that life a chose,

One day when your old and grown al tell you how a got addicted to methadone but at the same time know a love you to the bone Daddy had to make it on his Jack Jone,

Hopefully for my sins time will cure but around here tomorrow aint for sure so daddy says shit so pure love is my only cure,

So a promise do or die daddy will try to get us out the poverty slaughter and thats on the life of my wee daughters,

Ma baby will know that when she grows older we only do what we do cause we are true scheme soldiers.

G. Fraser