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A political poem for a change, just switching styles & subjects up.

Buy a Gun

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 06 Aug 2013

A dont want to buy a gun ad rather blaze a blunt
Keep being me a cheeky wee cunt,

another one underground for the sake of a frown or a tinted golden crown or that golden brown,

theres a knock on effect were the poor inherit the riches debt we are under occupation al bet,

My people live trying to do good but ma people are kinda misunderstood thats why theres no good in the hood.

violence is glamorised the UK Media dramatise as they fantasise ave just realised,

Now am in my own zone leave me alone am of the methadone fuck of mr Dr am grown,

Now were a come from cunts shoot to leave cunts not breathing some through debt some through taxing thieving,

But some folks just like to bang but on the words of my kids the government is the biggest gang slight of hands they be robbing foreign lands,