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More like a short story than a poem,

Man's point of view of a Woman's Miscarriage

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 06 Aug 2013

This is the sound beating from the Slums beating drum.
At first it seemed like you were the answers 2 all my dreams Till I woke up screaming silently in my concrete scheme, Our situation wasn't all what it seemed.

Right from the start when I first met you my heart
was torn apart.
A swear you were the answer to all my fear's Just like my peers you brought me so many tears,

At first you made me feel so strong One day a thought we were going to get along,
Am beating the slum's drums how could something feel so right and be so wrong A feel like am just signing the same old song.

At first you made me feel so strong Within the first few weeks my dreams began 2leak like the voice from the street right from the start you were are forced to compete.
They say
But I just wanted to see you a little bit longer,

As a loose face in my tears you can trace My disgrace
when you 1st come The 1st thing we did was become comfortably numb, over a situation the size of my thumb,

How can something so small make a grown man crawl
4U anybody I would have brawled 2The depths of deepest oceans a would have trawled This was so uncalled

But baby as soon as we met u had me going crazy,
they said this & they said that, but who's are they 2say what we are 2say? a take thats a touché
Till my dying day if a done shit differently would you have still gone your separate way,

A all my daze my life in haze puffed & blazed Amazed.
At one point couldn't going on,
But am the man supposed to stay strong.
It felt like we had been wronged but how can pain last 4so long A thought how are we supposed carry on

How am I going to stay strong Incidentally You were incapable of surviving independently but we would have loved you anyway that statement is a certainty you would have been priceless treated ever so gently

Now a a-parentally parentally am a parent In society there’s certain name which is a pain that’s hard 2 say in this pain

most men also find hard to share a bit Am going to let you in on this poems little secret

This most common complication in the most drastic situation. time stood still Tic Toc were's the stalk were waiting,

A choke with these words I’ve wrote you were supposed 2b all I needed to cope but we live in hope as a trail through my thoughts what’s the cost a was looking for anything apart from attention that night a prayed for straight Devine intervention must I mention this was my hardest lesson cause am still guessing and that gets depression

At the time a was still a straight thug but a could have still showed you still love A wonder if you were a cherub looking down from above

If Only If Only if Only,
Don’t have 2say it again your leaving made us feel so lonely.
Like Machiavelli its really wasn't necessary what happened was it really it certainty certainly, this is a poem that must be told 10 fold you made my heart turn so cold so bold an emotional baseball bat unrolled,

You can still trace it in the tracks of my tears if you watch the poetic justice like water it flow, maybe deep down I knew you had to go, Maybe this poem is inspired by Ed Sherian cause that guy got me believing writing my poetry is lyrically grieving but why did you get 2leaving, just about made me leave my life of thieving the pain our must have been like a baby teething.

If a learned anything then everything happens for a reason other wise a wouldn't be breathing, In the scheme its always open season Actually practically feels like lyrical treason,
Am getting high on my own poetic supply,

As a man I stand on command 4no man, your anything but a distant memory that night walking out the old Accident & Emergency , My knees gave way on me, looking towards the dark winters sky As a gave a deep breath followed by a sigh As fell on my knees A was begging to the heavens God please, A need for this pain you to ease, what more can a say we thought you were here to stay, there was so much your mum wanted 2say,

Even a blind man could see this just about took best in me, cause a was dealing a thought a had no feeling but soon it felt like Karma had caught up with the charmer

To dramatize as a summarize of my distant memory,
Our heart is still torn over the loss of what would have been my first born a know men don’t usually speak this way, but My poetry I must betray

4 this last sentence no pretence or repentance if somebody finds me. Somebody will get a finders Aint nobody got a mind like me cause a make this shit look so easy.