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Drug dealer chic:

Drug dealer chic:

Scheme_lifeby Scheme poet 06 Aug 2013

Drug dealer chic:

When i was young never met santa clause but a get out clause rewind nah fast forward to pause just because swift like a boot 2the baws Ripping like jaw's drug dealer chic breaking no laws course we awe got flaws,

walk don't stumble born in the concrete jungle of course a stay humble childhood Royal rumbles Granton ramps cunts tumbled2013 stop & search so in our pockets they fumble rookies mumble some crumble,

A slick European born & dragged up wi a bunch of heathens at 16 they told me a need a job a believed them peer pressure lasted 1 week got sacked for thieving when am gone a get to leaving cant tell me shit about grieving cant tell me shit about hungry addicted baby's teething,

never had a fear of dying but shit scared a go without even trying a write for those grieving a write for those thieving a need something to believe in
Cause am dripping in sin as step in this film game let fate begin

Tell them you need your wages when they are due
Working a non paid contract 4 nothing fuck me Nah fuck you, Al admit some good boys in blue but were a come from they come by the few. Thats why theres safety in a crew our scheme culture theres a clue,

A know ma life can be insane still just a breath from being in the system wi the riff raff again can you feel our pain our are we awe the same are the youths the only cunts to blame?

Were's my scheme block? were's the knock knock capital city cunts be popping Glocks letting off shots cunts get got whither they like it or not fake street dreams they bought.

none of they MP's never did shit for me except they lie & twist our fucking history this shit is chess no checkers no mystery,

you can see the freedom in ma speech am a walking breach of the peace seems they wont rest till we rest in piece well
Am no buying there shit at least have the system impeached.