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Breaking convention of thought. Knowing and feeling the abstract...and sometimes to state the obvious, but ignored.

Breaking Noise

George_kuruvillaby George Kuruvilla10 Mar 2018

If you’d wish upon a star, would it be for the life of an inspiring thought or of things bought;
Let me will, let me unfold,
in ways new to my race, new to my role;
Trust thine willow to shed basket threads,
or simply prove itself a shade, unpaid;
Wicked ways waters down purpose,
there lies one’s life pilfered, selfishly enamored;
Tragedy struck, a willing friend,
who partakes the peace you haven’t found or of promises you do not resound;
Freeze wind you cannot, it moves or is lost in the slightest pause, catch it to forward your cause;
Future untold, prone to present tone,
of colours and hues, even those less bold;
Wage a war, tonight or tomorrow, against the blissful sorrow, that friend you have made, that you have found;
Youth of worship, heightened at its form’,
lost in its median, gains pace when life’s to erase;
Laughter, melodious singing, the moment one lives, without a that breadth, longing;
Magic envies nothing, not science nor religion,
for it fathers imagination and everything ‘man’ and more…