Ultimate Love

Carnival_picby Thomas Kilby19 Nov 2015

Young man and woman flirting, dancing, kissing at party. They are mildly drunk. They flop down on a sofa. Tension rises, they look like they are about to have sex. Guy breaks kissing to ask girl something. She says what. They talk about the fact that they're about to have sex. He shows her something. It's a contract with a checklist. She's surprised. The checklist comprises of acts they they both consent to, kissing, spanking, chest groping, leg rubbing, protected or unprotected sex. He explains how it works, he doesn't want to get convicted of rape if she later regrets doing what they are about to do. It would hurt his family and so on. The checklist is of utmost importance, more so than the sex. She gets to work on the checklist, she is not sure about watersports but agrees to most things. She signs and dates. He does too. They both have sex and it is okay. They are safe. All is well. He holds his arms around her in the morning, her strawberry hair is in his nostrils. He asks her why do you like me. Because you're funny and you've got big arms. Oh, okay.