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The third and final addition to the story Diamond.

Diamond (Part 3)

Img_0043by Guillermo Garza07 Jul 2014

My morning glory
and evening bliss
is all but worry
with just her kiss

I saw her, I did
just the other day
under the velvet night
in the warmth of May

She looked and smiled
too shy to look away
I walked towards her
and let my heart drift away

That diamond of a woman
had a voice so sweet and charming
I tried to talk more
Her reaction was alarming

"Do you want to drink some coffee,
maybe some day?"
Trying to hold my excitement
I just said "Okay"

The stars they aligned
and pointed me out
and chose me a woman
to water my drought.

An evening in Paris
with my beautiful jewel.
I asked for her marriage
And I was not a fool.

She lifted a smile
and said just one line
that I will always remember
"I will love you 'till the end of time."

And therefore on
I knew nothing but splendor
As my heart grew strong
And our love was so tender.

Now that we're together
all we can do is rise
No two can be better
True love never dies.