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Affection is the killer.

Beautiful Paradise

Img_0043by Guillermo Garza07 Jul 2014

The races they bring
the anger within
and pain that you give
a beautiful sting.

Hit me my darling tonight
I don't know why but I like it
Every hand feels like a kiss
I don't even want to fight it.

You are the man that I want
My golden million dollar prize
and nothing in space will deprive
our love that will make us rise.

I don't care about anybody
and all that they say
because we are a match made in paradise
And you're my heavenly ray.

The diamonds you give me
and all of those pearls
when I dance for you baby
with my beautiful curls.

Hit me all you want boy
I wont ever mind
everything that kills me
makes me feel alive.

but just tell me i'm your baby
I want to be your star
call me your Lolita
and I wont show a scar.

Baby I will love you
'till the end of time
And promise you'll remember
that you're always mine.