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Money is the anthem of success

Money Power Glory

Img_0043by Guillermo Garza07 Jul 2014

Everything I want I have,
in my hands my future rests
All money flies all around
from my dull hands into her chest

The water flows and so does power
from my notoriety and rivieras.
And from the skies it rains a shower
of admiration and pretty cameras.

The lights of flash bulbs shine across.
my orders are always answered.
And in this world im the boss,
for my glory is my dancer.

I own the world without a shame
And in my life it never rains
Nothing else will be the same
As I indulge in all the fame.

Because in this wonderful cruel world
only the very well fitted survive,
Because money is the anthem of success
and only what kills me makes me feel alive.