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I spend large stints of time overseas for my profession and I wrote this to let someone know that despite the distance they were consistently in my thoughts.

Gia Erato

10299934_10152158975080745_7474946501949086231_nby C. D. Lincoln05 Jun 2014

Eyes stylized as if miles wide;
Bright, open, reaching, effigy in landslide.
Cascades of light reach me from across the seas;
Bringing a brilliance to parts that have gone unseen,
With quick, sweet flourishes, which only belong to me.
Push and pull, makes way to give and take;
Prescience lacked foresight, of such sweet fate.
We harbor now amongst unknown tides;
Not knowing whether they shall fall or rise,
We’ll ride these waves and anchor strong;
Perhaps it’s always where we’ve belonged.
Triton, Neptune, Poseidon…all;
Could not breach this hull or divine my gall.
They may shake this vessel with all their might;
But with steady sails and captained right,
We’ll navigate through the worst of gales.
Back to sunlight, back to shore,
Back to where the wine is poured,
Back to lingering looks and longer embraces,
Back to all those familiar faces.
Sunsets and sandy feet,
That’s where you and I will finally meet.
Once more may come the storms,
But have no fear for I am always yours.