Dream On

10299934_10152158975080745_7474946501949086231_nby C. D. Lincoln05 Jun 2014

Sitting, wishing, hoping;
That you were hoping for my wish.
Curled up, lazy, soaking in, all of this.
Sneak into your thoughts;
Eyes closed, listless dreams.
Open them again,
That's when I appear.

From the corner of your eye,
You think you recognize a face.
Subconscious, flurry of emotion;
Never spoken.
Feel unbroken.
Tip of your tongue, something that just won't give,
That's where I live.

Never leaving...
this shadow cast, left you reeling.
Moments, seconds,
Here me beckon.
Stolen instance, without resistance.
Warmth that spreads.
Behind you missing, lying in your bed.
That's what I am.

Fingers through hair, soft and gentle.
Tingle up your spine,
Body of electric vines.
The empty spot in heart and mind,
Itch unscratched.
The apparition that seems to bind.
That 's who I am.

The smiles, sincere.
The passion endeared.
Thought provoking,
Heart in throat, so much like choking.
Arms envelope.intense embraces.
Drowning out a thousand faces.
Felt like home.
No place to be, I could not care.
That's why I dare.