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This was written after I lost my Father and I was dealing with the anger and sadness associated with losing someone too early in their life.

Time Cares Not

10299934_10152158975080745_7474946501949086231_nby C. D. Lincoln05 Jun 2014

We wake hazy with dreams of bright new days;
Finding ourselves encumbered by foreboding shade.
Spoken truths, become actioned lies;
Simple facts too hard to surmise.
Driven and drowning, feet; head; heart all ferociously pounding;
Running, gasping, holding our sides;
What’s beyond the horizon, prize or demise.
The unknowing, the reaping of former sowings,
More of the same ilk, more of the same indifference as chance will assuredly bilk.
Entropy comes without empathy,
And our malleable memory creates certain infallible fallacies.
Our own fictions foster our felicitous fate.
Resigning to our own divining.
Screaming into the wind.
Only using one sense at a time.
Time. Cares. Not.