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‘O all ye Green things upon the Earth, bless ye the Lord:/ praise him, and magnify him for ever’. Book of Common Prayer

‘Nature is Imagination.’ William Blake

God Is Green!

Gillian_ferguson_photo_high_resby Gillian K Ferguson08 Aug 2013

The first true blue day of summer -

a simple song formed, whole
in my gulping heart.
Kept singing, like an irritating dawn bird
whose premature beauty you cannot control
or silence: being tuned to original music.

One little song deciphered.
Some small lyric composed somewhere
in the mysterious ether.
Like a thought that is a hymn;
rhymes to something unknown, but important.
That can only be approached like this.

As a whole poem drifts down sometimes,
just like a silver leaf falling from Heaven.
Is caught by the fishing pen like an angler
plucking ashore his shining, singing fish -
whose earthly death, embalmment is his life.

Or flashes - ZAP! - already written, it seems,
in the possible volume; which has overlapped
this time. As sound vibrates star molecules -
Big Bang’s white noise: light horserides spirit.

Anyhow, it went:

‘God is Green!
God is Green!
God is Green!’

Simple as cuckoo music.

As a dance beat.
It meant – Halle-flippin’-lujah!
Rave and Praise the Lord!

For the generous invention of the Flower!
Rabid frothing of the party Cherry –
laughing Daffodils who culled heads -
frilly bonnets and trumpets! - from sunshine!
Amorous Lily and wine-blooded Rose.

For the burning orange principle of the Tiger!
Fur-flames lit, amber eyeballs rolled
in God’s hot palm from origins of gold and fire.

Creamy bear, cultured from snow,
grumbling in his tumbling blue ice palaces.

Hummingbird who darted from Heaven
unclothed in the colours of Earth -
like escaped angels still smiling
through some people’s eyes.

For beetle jewels in peacock armour.
Fairy and reindeer-flying story toadstools!
Salmon with a rainbow in his silver scales
forged among the stars - where he leaps to still,
taking on sea’s hugely magnestised moon-soul.

Face of a mouse, sweet as a child.
Frosted web geometry; waxy mathematics
of the honeyed comb. Bizarre cephalofoil
of hammerhead sharks: 360 degree eyes!
Kooky moths with owl eyes –
Gothic night interpretation of feral butterflies,
who, for aeons, tore themselves free -
struggling scraps of Heaven’s creative cloth -
sailed away on a cobbled-together functional hinge.
Who cannot bear a whole life on Earth below
of such supernatural beauty, without apprenticeships
of humble buggy ugliness, temporary death.

Searing mineral wing of a kingfisher,
shrieked out of mud -
commissioned from Heaven’s magic crucibles,
first printings – from a still-sparking blue star.
Plunging so flashly, only his belly flamed
orange under religious-hued molecules:
cauterising the river wound, where he rips out fish.

Say Hey and High Five in the vernacular! –
The Lord rocked The Tree! Breathmaking mechanisms!
Bubbling acres, jewelled with Eden’s pristine birds.
Even the whispering serpent’s vicious children live.

Insane soprano swallows
sewing invisible high notes into spring sky.
Sweet-mouthed choir of global flowers -
bees in their mouths to turn them to honey:
more flowers and bees to mortal infinity.

They all know the song.

The seams of beauty have burst -
spilling a shining principle.

The aesthetic Universe is an opera.
But the common refrain was written before stars.

Is the original idea. That came as a dream.

God is Green!
God is Green!

out of no colour. No light. No garden.
Beloved Earth came: grew.