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Here's an explanation of these incredible birds, who are true artists! ‘Bowerbirds are the most remarkable and fascinating of living birds because of their amazingly human-like, complex, and artistic behaviour.. Males build architecturally complex structures, called bower… artistically decorated with flowers, fruits, bones, shells, feathers and much more, including numerous human artefacts. Birds even paint their bowers, some applying pigment to bower walls by the use of a tool! All this is performed to attract, court, and mate females at bowers… So incredible is much of what bowerbirds do that early bird authorities suggested they be given a class of their own, just as humans were held apart from other animals.’ Lynx Edicions

The Male Satin Bowerbird is an Artist

Gillian_ferguson_photo_high_resby Gillian K Ferguson03 Sep 2013

The male Satin Bowerbird is an artist.

All the rest went chasing bugs and worms -
while his DNA cultured into avian Van Gogh!
His extravagant bower is his straggly gallery.

His School and passion is Colour. Hunting -
with his unnervingly heavenly, violet-blue eye,
for arresting flowers; most luminous, perfumed,
vivid, exotic blooms - obsessively replenished.

Manipulating found objects: waxy yellow star fruit,
iridescent green metal beetles, shiny scarlet berries,
Celtic spiral shells, fiery red leaves, emerald moss,
glossy brown eye-nuts. Even the lustrous feathers
of his most admired, avian couture, Paradisial kin.

Also incorporating bacteria’s challenging fungal art.
Oh, in four billion years of training - since he came
from bony stars - with the hallmark look of Heaven
printed in his eye, he has moved with the times –
has an interest in experimentation and Modern Art,
(somewhat avant garde for the traditional rainforest).
Exhibiting lambent plastics - blue bottle tops, soap,
and dishwater tablets. Red straws, pegs; orange pens.

But always returning to his organic roots – butterflies;
whose whole body is already pre-donated to being art -
except the ugly black sugar-sucking hinge necessary
to keep the thing on Earth, not fluttering straight back
up to Heaven. As Lark and Swallow have silver strings
like mad kites: to fetter, yes, but conduit that high song -
conduct original rousing music of the dancing Universe,
lingering still among angelic clouds, insubstantial blue -

in Heaven. As he matures, chooses blue before all other hues:
it is his Blue Period. Even his fawny, brown feathers turning
to diffracting blue-black - matching, displaying his own eye:
his best work. An artist and a lover, his big exhibitions attract
picky lady Satin Bowerbirds, when, O - such Bird of Culture -
he also elaborately, wildly dances, gentlemanly romances until
they show their art appreciation. His bower is an on-site hotel!
Her violently violet eye is likewise nakedly celestial - spooks.
Like catching the eye of an angel disguised as a human being.

His art and life are one. His body. True artist bird: compelled.
Building his latest pieces for anyone who sees – just himself:
because he must. Compulsively driven as any Gaugin, Picasso.
To create this thing. Channel, wire, labour, love: allow it to be.
He shall be counted among them, in his wild blue love galleries.