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This is a poem informed by my work on genetics. It focuses on the lily in my hand evolving through all space and time - as an illustration. I wanted to show how the opposition between science and religion are artificial and how they share many elements of metaphor and description. How Earth and all its life came from exploding stars is a fantastical thought. Evolution seems to me a source of immense wonder.

Genes Glue the Garden of Eden

Gillian_ferguson_photo_high_resby Gillian K Ferguson15 Jul 2013

Genes glue the Garden of Eden together.
A story from nothing. Space.

Coagulating from unearthly darkness -
spirals unravelled from twitching stars;

the light which was.
Breath which was water.
Will which was spirit.
Love, Who is the mystery.

Stars became a garden.

As one movement: named Evolution.
Uncoiling from one moment of grace.
One touch of love among the volatile
heavens: an alien green idea. A dream.

From Eden came this lily in my hand -
white as the day she could luxuriously
be called ‘Lily’ in the slowly evolving
principle of Name; her composition out
of water, mud, oneness, means a flower.
The luminous bones of all being shining
through her skin, perfumed with Heaven.
A white word in the originality of Eden -
written as a green and blue poem in Time.

As our name will one day be called gently
from the garden. Which is Adam and Eve.
Shedding ourselves as sun-dependent leaves.
Decomposing in Eden’s earth: seed recycled

back to the starry spores of existence:
magical root of DNA. Called Genesis.