Winter Garden Snapshot

Gillian_ferguson_photo_high_resby Gillian K Ferguson21 Dec 2013

The Holly clots
with Christmas blood -
oozing from the wounds
of her own jagged fingers

sheltering the stabbed robin,
anaemic jabbed chaffinch.

A lonely white spinster rose
in her ragged Havisham gown
gags slowly on a mouthful of snow -
mercury tears repelled from sepia cheeks.
Kneeling drunkenly on her emaciated green neck;
distilling ice gin;
utilising her alchemic powers, photosynthetic skills,
with leukaemic sapphire light.

A demon wind scalpels,
bleeds the Holly
to bluing earth:

by bloody

A fabulous star skewers itself on her spire.
Drips fresh celestial silver.