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A poem about a country sky in summer - and how the stars are seen in the clear rural skies, compared to the city. i was in the garden where i wrote this at the weekend, and it reminded me of the poem... Hope you enjoy...

The Flowers of Night

Gillian_ferguson_photo_high_resby Gillian K Ferguson30 Jul 2013

In translucent blue earth,
weak evening starseed is scattered

by the lavender-gloved, invisible celestial gardener.
In that austere soil - wish compost, dream mulch,

blossoms in dark matter plots
to the incandescent silver flowers of night.

Culture of asterism.
Perfumed with brimstone, sal volatile.
Narcotic tinctures of heavenly Hartshorn; Astor, Star-Jasmine.
Snowy linctus of paraselene Lilies.
Empyrean analgaesia of cerulean Eye-Violets.
Smelted etheric petals of parhelion Sunflowers.

Frosty Star-of-Bethlehem, foggy nebulae of Baby’s-Breath,
riddling pearly nets in the optimistic Milky Way.

Myrtle camphor of black holes
deterring angels like suicidal moths.

Emollient Moonflowers
he sees his labours by,
burning the midnight sky albescent black.

Sirius the Dog Star bounds, shining with love,
slobbering luminosity -
seeding every human pupil,
poked by God,
as a Bonsai garden.