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For Valentine's Day...

An Evening Like This

Gillian_ferguson_photo_high_resby Gillian K Ferguson15 Feb 2014

An evening like this,
I could lift the floating Moon from water.
Hold the planet’s shivering ghost
cupped in my bulbed hand -
pearling your bone smile, milk-blue skin,
with unicorn light.

I might kiss the tiny plucked Moon,
dripping, fluttering like a luminous white moth
in my alien palm –
gilding all my words silver;
spilling like mercury from my lips
into the bewitched dark cup of your ear.

I could swallow the water’s stolen Moon;
create a heart lantern –
the blood of love burning through my chest,
like Christ.

I might reach up - pluck two ripe stars
like peaches from the brilliant dust,
dark galactic orchards,
to sequin your violet eyes.

With silver starblood crying down my fingers,
touch your night skin
all over with weird light.