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Last week was a strange and exhausting week of ups and downs, joy and and hurt; shadows and light. I noticed that each time the shadow seemed dominant, the sight of the daffodils spurting up all around the city of Edinburgh and its beautiful gardens sparked new brightness and optimism. So, I have looked out several of my daffodil poems and will post them now... Hope you enjoy and wherever you are, and whatever the season, you can smell the long awaited Scottish spring!

Insane Daffodils

Gillian_ferguson_photo_high_resby Gillian K Ferguson13 Apr 2014

A strait-jacketed choir of daffodils.
All claustrophobic sopranos.
Are made hysterical by a mercurial conducting wind.
Convulsing. Almost rattling their heads off.
Shrieking to be out of the dark bulb -
sectioned in winter earth coffins
with nightmares of light, colour delusions.

Who remembered being brilliant yellow alchemists
of dust, spun water molecules; the Sun.
Plagued by memories of being before - up, up…
in another blue realm. Something sensational -
visionary: fashioned from an unknown, unworded
hot star.
A thought as mysteriously cloying as God.

Still unconscious in starless black earth.
Among nudging, hungry, muscular worms.
Ideas fantastical as the sleeping caterpillar’s
ludicrous dream of wings.

Now migrainous. Your whole clacking, manic heads,
cacophonous saffron mouths,
are your eyes and singing instrument.
For a berserk spring aria. Messianic.