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There have been several days of strange, stormy weather - the kind of overcast weather than makes me feel a bit weird and things seem a bit surreal!! The steel/lead colour of the sky highlights the new brilliant green growth - this poem is about a finger of sunlight breaking through the dour cloud and seeming to point at a particular tree...

The Luminous Lime-Green Tree

Gillian_ferguson_photo_high_resby Gillian K Ferguson20 May 2014

From a clenched Mediaeval iron fist,

a skeletal finger of sunlight
flicks -

switches on the lime green

alone. The entire Universe stares.

The tree is weird.
The light is not Earthly.

The stunning lime spirit of the tree looms
from her everyday cloak of leafy molecules.

Why - is supernatural.

But we might find her later hung
with baffling gold apples.

When the armoured storm-hand rattles
old stars loose by muggy midnight,

his dog day summer lightning bone
will wizardly flash her out -

they will crash down to roost,
like frowzy doves with fiery tails

in her shocked wet arms.
Or strange, coruscating silver blossom.

Embryo angels and human atoms.