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This poem is about a woman of whom I had a brief attraction/interesting interaction and more than likely still do. I have my eyes on other women at the moment as we speak.

As If We Were Weapons 3.0

Cam00137-2by Glenn McCrary 25 Sep 2013

In the midst of such colossal consumption
The mellow sound that was your body

Dashed by as hurriedly you sought
A proper though comfortable seat

Within three winks you had discovered
A suitable spot by I

Ooh… no lie could be composed
Concerning those fair ankles of yours

It was then when I had begun to experience
A luxury that was almost monumental

So suave and rhythmic
The way in which the edge of your breast
Brushed my skin…

Now my hands shall always wonder
How such a fine artifact would feel
If ever it were to rest within my palm…