+ Aftermath -

Cam00137-2by Glenn McCrary 20 Dec 2013

Beneath these horrid ceilings I hunker
By crooked tones of blackness a slave I am taken
The madness multiplies limitlessly
With the death that is each day & dusk
“We grow in numbers…”
Yes, that was the whisper ringing in my ears
“But fewer a soul within reach stand aware

Glenn [synchronized]
The constant of torment I bare

Anonymous Voice [synchronized]
The constant of torment you bare

Such merciless tones carved so murderously
So provocative yet so tyrannical

Glenn & Anonymous Voice [synchronized]
“To taste again of foreign crucifixion we shan’t;
The grief was far too great before!”
“And but of what authorization do they carry
to smite us as callously as they have?”
“In deep thirst we have been doused;
Lastingly we’ve been branded by the dualism
this troublesome hellion displays”