Cam00137-2by Glenn McCrary 14 May 2014

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

It is quite mysterious the origin of such pleasure

Common is the multi-culturally adopted belief

That large fractions of massive populations

Label themselves as insomniacs

If anything this newfound viral sensation

May very well exist to cure insomnia

ASMR comes in a variety of different sounds

That help to release melatonin and aid the body in sleeping

Such sounds include inaudible whispering, gum chewing, table scratching, match lighting,

Ear to ear whispering, tapping, brushing, and crinkling.

These sounds are beautiful, inventive, ground breaking and a relevant discovery

Within the continuous cycle that is known to us as evolution

A vast majority of us have talking brains

Some of our brains talk more than others

Resulting in sleep deprivation on numerous occasions

We have been given a unique, sensational gift

That aids those in times of misfortune and grief

That aids those in emotional tribulation

Though it is through this global phenomenon

and it is through these talented individuals

that we are able to possibly if not entirely

conquer said debilitating times

A way to persuade peace amidst a callous world

That is what ASMR means to me