00by Gloria Garay09 Sep 2013

Light it fades into the darkness
And here I sit alone.
As if made of glass I feel so fragile.
Please don’t throw the stone.
Thoughts, and scars so deep inside
Torment me even though,
I try to banish them from my soul-
But from my soul they will not go.
With each passing moment I feel the crack,
I’m shattering, breaking down.
And here in this forsaken solitude-
In the shadows I shall drown.
I gasp for air,
I kick I scream.
Please let this be,
A Hellish dream.
For a dream I can awake from,
But an empty life I can not shake.
The splinters, they shoot right through me-
Crumbling down, down I begin to break.
Now within this crepuscule, that I have made my solace
There is no trace of who I was, or what I’ve been
For a ghost it should always and
forever remain unseen.