A Broken Soul

00by Gloria Garay09 Sep 2013

Lost within a false smile you will find the truth, of just how broken a soul I truly am. I lead my days seemingly joyous, but beneath there are million tiny scars. Despite the people that surround me, I am very much alone. No one to listen to my cries for help. No one to raise me when I fall. I dream and wish for a day to come, when I am finally understood. A day when I am not beaten down with indignities. A day when I am not treated like I have no worth. But a day like this will never come, I fear I’ll never see it. So I’ll hold the tears that flood my eyes, and raise my head and smile. Knowing that my heart is breaking, and my soul carries a bitter weight. I will never let anyone know, just how sad and broken I am inside. For no one will ever understand me. No, nobody ever will.