The Passenger

00by Gloria Garay09 Sep 2013

She holds his heart without even knowing,
And they share only but a moments gaze.
Her eyes glisten with thoughts floating over the sunbathed asphalt.
Without as much as a word between them shared.
Her brow creases, peering through the top of her dark sunglasses,
As the city gleams in splendored daylight.
She yearns for love – but for love she is blind.
Blinded to what before her lies.
A man of who would give his heart,
For just a fragment of her kiss.
Together they glide down the avenues,
With the roaring of the engine drowning
Any thoughts that for a moment they would share.
In silence he loves her, and in silence she mourns—
For the life with love she so desperately yearns for,
But will never get to see; for his love he will never profess,
No he cannot express his hearts desires
When she is a million miles away in body and in mind.
Sitting beside him, she is worlds away,
Drifting farther from him with every passing second—
Together they share but only this instant of silence
Within the silver confines. Both craving for the
Unreachable dream, that neither will achieve.