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For all the walkers who don't know why they walk,
for the walkers who know exactly why they walk,
and for all the walkers who don't yet realise they're walkers . .

Career Paths

El_capricho_sunflowers_close-upby Glor12 Sep 2016

On a day when all that's ahead is the walk
all the professions your child-self daydreamed
have woken up with you and are coming along for the ride.

A weather person reading the rising sun
as it winks at your first pyjama clad coffee.

A fashionista matching comfort with style,
for an outfit (you hope) to march you along riverbank
and clifftop.

A geologist studying layers of rocks,
igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic.

An historian imagining inhabitants of an iron age fort,
content at their contrast.

A farmer surveying your braying livestock,
relieved at the rain.

A shipwrecked sailor looking out to sea,
searching for the vessel that will save you.

An explorer crawling through bracken caves,
cutting a path for those that follow.

A botanist, examining the thorn lodged in your calf,
as the sting makes you sing in pain.

A percussionist with boots for drumsticks,
the earth your timpani, snare, and conga.

A vet assessing how that wild mountain goat
can possibly still be upright.

A patisierre planning a plump blackberry pie,
(if there’s any fruit left and not just purple fingers.)

On a day spent walking the coastal paths,
all the professions your child-self daydreamed
have been hard at work,
and are ready for bed.