Da_vinci_drawingby Grace Andreacchi23 Dec 2013

morning’s midnight cold
to Gatwick’s gate
If I get there early you
won’t escape me
and every fair haired slender fine
young lad in a grey coat
narrowly avoids my embrace
a slant of light
a turn of head or something
understood to be
not you

they shall bear thee up in their hands
they shall bear thee…

raspberry juice too sweet for
this hour of mindfulness
an old man and his wife
are wearing respectively
reindeer antlers, a santa hat
are they too waiting for their son?
I am wearing only my
cloak of mother’s mercy
beside me three children all
as young as you were then
and then and then

And now you are in my arms
always that much lovelier than remembrance
What does a grown man know
of what he knows? these kisses
speak a secret tongue
known only to us two
of then and then and though
you remember little of those days
your skin has not forgotten me