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The objective of this poem is to compare the sharp contrast of a summers day with and without the sun. Additionally the difference in a family home when children grow up and leave.

Summer Day

Pz-avatarby Grace18 Aug 2017

We wait, expectantly, and then she arrives,
The golden sun comes out from behind the clouds
And her warmth spreads across our weary old bones.
In welcome the garden chimes ring out their melodic tones.

Our faces turn upwards, we sigh contently , no words are said in greeting for her white intense rays.
But with them comes memories of long summer days.

Pims in the garden, buckets and spades,BBQ, wet suits
and dinghies, crab lines and loads of smelly bait to boot.

What bliss that family chaos brought.
We thought we hated it, all that fuss, untidiness,endless washing and meals,
But like the sun today, suddenly it's gone

We two are left alone in the cold stillness of an afternoon,
Nothing to fill the aching void

"It's getting chilly" she said, "shall we go inside?"
"Yes" he says, "The weather might change with an incoming tide".