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Tribalism, sees two lovers separated to uphold tradition. Standing from afar he regrets why they didn't elope sooner.

Sailing Sooner

Allizwellby Henry Iyke11 Aug 2013

Lord, how do i live
with her photo burning out of my album
lying neatly on my polished Obeche table?
She look twenty one,
a beautiful southwestern girl,
gentle faced in a slum-ripped suburb.
I love her, Lord.
But today I am a grump.

I see the man,
joyful to prostrate under feet,
feet, feet, feet and more feet,
showing a growing bald on his sweaty head.
Every tremor of his sick, coyish smile,
sliced off a part of my heart,
with hot anger burning and asking,
why hadn't we fled to my east?

Regret now stands with me,
scalding my ego, that we should have sailed sooner.