Medussaby HAMM22 Feb 2014

Chronos, the father of time,
he ate his sons.
With ravenous hunger
he devoured them all.

In Baghdad, Belgrade, Beirut and Kabul
they're severed and dismembered,
seasoned and peppered
with anthrax, napalm and mustard gas.

Swallowed, to be excreted upon some poor future generation.
Like Hannibal Lectur, he'll dine on them too.

In Belfast, John Bull is washed down with a pint of Guinness.
A bare flag used to pick clean
from his gnashing, gnarling teeth the decaying remains, thrown to some scrap heap.Left for the dogs.

Issac and Ishmael struggle and fight, in his gut
for breath and air and life.
But this is not the stomach of some great whale.
No, in the belly of this beast there is no escape.

The poisonous, corrosive bile
will drown them all.