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It's a rather sensual exploration of a gardener and his garden, using the garden as a metaphor for the coming together of two people in sexual harmony.

Garden of the body

Pz-avatarby Hannah Richardson27 Jan 2016

Dormant soil lies waiting for the gardener's rake.
Moisture sparkles into frost like diamonds on the skin.
The rake's long caress traces a courtship dance on the bed,
Teasing the weeds of inhibition out of their dull little cracks.

Attentive to the sunny patches, he plants seeds,
Bulbs and roots, hands deep in the womanly earth.
Musk and mud assail the senses with delight.
The earth's skin is rich and crumbly.

Like a cake perfectly mixed and freshly beaten.
Thoughts germinate the moisture into something instinctive.
This garden of the body grows fast, furious,
Flowering into a beautiful, bounteous double bloom.