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This poem is facing the fears that will eventually meet us all.


Img_4870by Hazel Thomas19 Feb 2016

Please do not leave me
We have so much more to say dear one
We have many hugs and kisses yet to give.
Our time is borrowed.
I try not to look at the clock
I try not to listen
On the sad days I hear the tick and the tock
Only faintly at least.

You'd just laugh and call me silly
Or quote to me
That we are such stuff as dreams are made on.
I quote for you
To rage, rage against the dying of the light.

I have many more dreams
I know I won't share them all with you.
You won't hold my child
And read them books
Like you did for me.
You won't sing them music hall songs
Or tell them stories
Of when you were an evacuee.

Please stay a little longer
Dear one
I am scared of what will be.
Our talk of dreams grow stronger
As you walk next to me.