Img_4870by Hazel Thomas11 Jul 2016

They speak of the majority
The voice that drowned out the rest
Placing faith in an authority
The men in suits who will invest
In the austerity
By selling you a democracy.
One man
One vote
We had our say
As we laugh the cares away.
These actions have a consequence
Too late for the recompense.
Believing suffering has a greater cause
Who needs to live when you can survive ?
A promise of a better day
A guarantee of a beautiful lie.
Why do black lives not matter ?
Yes we know that all lives do
But Black is under attack
This story is bigger than you.
With the privilege of your skin.
Who chose to leave a community
For fear of those entering in.
Is this the so called win ?
Where is the dignity
For the refugees who died at sea
Wishing for a better life
Your life.
While women and children
Abused and confused
Seeking solace
Asking asylum
Are meeting judgment then detained
So their cycle begins again.
Take a moment on the street
Look around and try to meet
People who don't look like you
Talk like you
Act like you
Think like you.
Do ask questions
But listen more.
Lives entwine when we learn to explore
Past the other
The us verses them
Give up control.
It was never ours to take back.