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To my little furry world.


Img_4870by Hazel Thomas22 Feb 2017

It might be controversial
It's true
She meant much more to me than you
You with your fleshy skin
Akin to mine
With your upright posture
And words refined
Lovely as all that may be.
You were not my precious baby.
Her body was full of multi coloured fur
Her voice was a low gentle purr
Her eyes were deep in green and chocolate brown
Her bushy tail swished up and down
Round and round
Playing games
Ribbons and strings were her favorite things
Pawing me to be picked up
She would kneed me like dough
Plumping the pillows
Her eyes would glow
At any sniff there was demand
For more than a quarter of the double bed.
No more chirps she chattered
By the window sill to the birds flying high
Or lounging on the carpet in a pool of sun
Our time is done
Our dialogue is shattered.
No more meows perching on the kitchen chair
Watching the bustle with a wide eyed stare
Or leaping into the bathroom sink
Licking the taps for a little drink
While ignoring the fresh clean bowl.
No more toilet trips for two
Having a bath or sat on the loo.
Waiting to hear the keys in the door
Greetings with belly rubs sprawled on the floor
No more
Stretches and scratching up your post
Nibbling treats you loved the most
Cuddles and kisses that comfort the tears
Snuggles in arms to banish the fears
Laughter at the strangest contortions
And the jump fails of epic proportions.
It is endless
The joy you have given
I could go on
A love unconditional
And now you're gone.
You taught me well
My special soul
Your light shone in the dark
Leaving behind the deepest mark.
And yes
Bronte was a beautiful cat
But oh she was so much more than that.