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To Mikael, the love of my life

If Faiz were alive, he would say...

Pz-avatarby Hussain Naveed21 Dec 2019

'Learn to compromise,' some may advise,
'Scary the consequences,' they may apprise;
Robbed thou may be of all thou possessest,
Strewn with robbers is this perilous quest;
Tragedies, mishaps may befall. Beware!
For tragedies often befall those who dare;
Cherish every moment, the moment thou have,
For the moment's eternity is thy breath's slave;
This moment shall pass, comes not again,
Do what thou think is right - worth-doing,
Fear not tomorrow, defiance goes not in vain

(Fehmida Riaz's 'Faiz Kehte...')