Sunken Man

Danpicby Daniel Jones06 Nov 2013

Sunken man
Drowning half a life
In the moat you've built
That dull trench around your feet
Must have dug it in your sleep
We know no waking man
Would have burrowed down so deep.

Sunken man
Scaring children on the bus
You scared me too
And I'm too big for that
Too determined, I will not notice you
As you stand swinging through the streets
Your cheek at your chin
Half a second from my face.

Sunken man
Lets talk about your face
Because I bet you never do
Despite it's shaping of you
The oven baking you cold.
The child you carry
Whose picture you'll never show
At parties with your friends
– Were you invited.
If you had friends.

Sunken man
Were you born in procedural harmony
or forged with iron tongs
Beaten, steaming red hot
to your parent's touch
Melting, not their hearts, but hopes
You're likely still red hot
though barely touched since.

Sunken man
I bet you soak by the gallon
Flaming whiskey tremors
Fill your shambling cotton hole
(An inch below most)
And most clots on your chin
as you shuffle diligently
into an armchair's handsome sleep.

Sunken man
We must love you most politely,
Most correctly, but
We'd queue to bury you by the drove.
For your reminder,
On the bay circle
of that ugliness we all hold
– sinew clinging to our bones