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What sadness becomes

Inside a Man

Profile_picture_by_ianderickson-d6xehmuby Ian Erickson03 Apr 2014

Never ending endings forcing me to never begin
Forever bending to the will of another sin
Face to face without controlling my hands
Disgrace of a nation breaking glass into sands
Wheres my brush I need to paint on another expression
Wheres my rush it died like a saint asking another question
Situation has me digging into my skin
Infatuation leaving me like Ann Boleyn
This tower is so dark and I cannot jump out
This power is dark and I cannot continue to shout
The piano plays single note melodies as I dream alone and bored
The sparrow falls in tragedies like a sonnet never penned but ignored
You were a queen now you are a stranger
Stranger life becomes as my thoughts succumb
Overrun by a hoard of whores in mental danger
Where is the Ecstasy; all I feel is numb
The slaves revolt now I have a new master
Disaster spreads like a disease attacking the dead
Bones walking sinew attached as the witch bellows in laughter
Lighting tinges the horizon as if dancing spirits traveled inside my head
This death you speak of is so final, so pure
The end of energy your loved ones adored
The tender tendrils of the dark are so delicate
Delicious demons tempt tearing at my testament
The fire has consumed the ashes and the monster has appeared
Red skin and scaled with a darkness you can hear
Fingernails of lies and a tongue of hate
Eyes of anger burning to take
The youth you had is wasted like an angel's freedom
An old bitter man left to rule his broken kingdom
NO love left to pry the bark from your eyes
No hope left to answer your final cries
A Personal prison built of torment and terror
This is what has become of the souls eternity forever
In side this cell of selfishness and of austere
All I can blame are the ones that I fear
Forever branded my own monster
Remembering heaven haunts her.....until forever ends we can then begin again...