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Something to lighten the mood, also sheds light on the prevailing issue which is decreasing respect for bats;)

A Pretty Batty Poem

Pz-avatarby Ian.T30 Nov 2017

I'm in my bathroom thinking, what do bats do?
It occurred to me, they're vampire shrew.
What do they eat? Blood, flies and fruits.
And where do they stay? In your cave-like boots.
The local pound sees it and asks:" What is that".
We can't deal with it,
It's not a dog, it's a bat.
These flying dudes are the way to go,
They even have their own man-affiliated show.
So if you see one make sure to say hi.
Stare it in the eyes when you say "Good bye!".
Make sure it doesn't bite you, they might have rabies.
But show the bats respect at the very least.