Breathing Space

Mamo__a__story_of_geraldine_plunkett_dillon_by_isolde_obrolchain_carmodyby Isolde ÓBrolcháin Carmody02 Apr 2019

This room is full of breathing
Continuous fluid circles

Currents of text through eyes
Flowing out in whispered syllables

The breathing dreams of dogs
The sighing hopeful hound

Inhaling a white ceiling
All that is not written there
In suspense above art of the dead

Subtle side-light leeching
Through dark windows

Soft extended minutes
Inverse waiting

Stretching in absence
Held against action

Faces turned from clocks
Counting ‘one, one, one,’

But the breathing space
Becomes words in my idle mind
So that I itch to leave
To write about the nothingness
That enables me to write.